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The following documents or files may be requested free of charge. You will require Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Excel to access the files sent. Emmerson Hill Associates reserve the right not to send certain information to individuals, where we feel it is inappropriate, in order to safeguard our copyright in the material. Descriptions of the files or documents are found below:

Briefing on the tax system and mileage rates (Powerpoint)

The CO2 emissions-based tax system is more complex than people think – particularly to those who have not received any familiarisation with it, or instruction in how it all works. At the same time, with more and more people opting to take a cash allowance and use their own cars for business purposes, managers must be aware of the financial implications of this, the mileage records staff must keep, and be ready to provide them with guidance on how to claim mileage allowance relief, where appropriate. A no-frills briefing, designed for management use.

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Help with a review of your car scheme (PDF)

Mergers, acquisitions and changes. Many organisations go on doing the same things from year to year, without taking a long hard look at their car schemes, and that they miss out on opportunities to obtain best value - and save money - where business cars are concerned. When one looks at the size of the budget for a car scheme - often near to the cost of the salary or office bill – it is surprising that there are companies who don’t employ the services of a professional to look after their scheme, and keep their costs under control. An independent review will identify what might need attention - as far as the operation, administration and management of the car scheme is concerned. Should you need some ongoing professional help following such a review, Emmerson Hill Associates can provide a solution, in the form of the services of an 'off payroll’ fleet manager.

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Risk assessment (Word)

Many organisations simply don’t appreciate that Duty of Care responsibilities extend to all cars used on business – be they owned/leased by the employer, or owned by staff. A simple risk assessment or ‘reality check’ will identify those areas - in respect of vehicles, drivers and driving – where an organisation could be held to be liable for their failings, should a blameworthy ‘incident’ be the subject of investigation by the Health and Safety Executive. An experienced professional from the team at Emmerson Hill Associates will complete this for you - in a day of our time, which together with a day of your time, could save you £millions. The Boy Scouts’ motto, ‘Be prepared’ was always sound advice.

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Authorisation form for private cars used on business (PDF)

This is a simple check list, which can be used by managers to see that staff who are driving their own cars on company business have a valid driver licence, have proper business use insurance and are using cars which meet the condition standards expected by the employer. Some companies insist on annual completion of such a form, signed by the line manager, before they approve payment of expenses for car business use.

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Business mileage and VAT recovery (PDF)

Are you throwing money away ? New VAT rules on retaining receipts where fuel is purchased by employees mean that claims for VAT recovery on business fuel (or the fuel element of mileage rates paid) will be made more difficult for employers. Our report explains what employers should be doing to avoid having VAT claims rejected - and throwing money (it could be as much as 2p/mile) away....

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Emmerson Hill Associates provide clients with practical assistance to solve all manner of problems. Simply send us an email, outlining where you feel that you need help and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a response.

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